Calypso Cabaret Review (Bangkok)

Want to catch the famous Thai ladyboys?

This review will show you where to find the famous Calypso Cabaret in Bangkok, how to get cheaper tickets and which are the best seats to choose.

*Updated on 26 Nov 2016*, floorplan and online booking links, location is now at Asiatique The Riverfront, second show timing is now 9.45pm instead of 9.15pm.

This is my second time catching the famous Bangkok Calypso Cabaret. I watched the show first back in 2008 when I went to Bangkok with a friend. This time, it was with my girlfriend who had wanted to see the real Thai "ladyboys".

Having been there once meant that I already knew what to expect. There were some minor surprises in terms of new routines like "Wonder Girls", but also disappointment in terms of certain segments that were removed. Overall, it was still good but probably not worth your time (and money) if you have already seen it before.

The information here is accurate as of June 28th. Here's the usual disclaimer

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First things first, how to get there.

The cabaret theater is actually located in the ground floor of Asia Hotel. It was originally supposed to move to Asiatique the Riverfront but was somehow delayed. Looks like the plan now is to move in August 2012, but not sure how certain that would be.

So while it is still at Asia Hotel, take the BTS to "Ratchathewi" station. When you exit the gantry, turn right and you will see a walkway linking to Asia Hotel. You can also see a signboard of the available food and entertainment names inside the hotel, one of which is the Calypso Cabaret. It's really obvious, you cannot miss it.

From there, just walk down the stairs to the ground floor and you will see the Calypso Cabaret ticketing counter.

The show has moved to Asiatique The Riverfront. The easiest way there seems to be taking BTS Silom line to Saphan Taksin station, and take the Asiatique shuttle boat. Refer to this for more information.

Do yourself a favor though and get the tickets online ($900 Baht per adult, $600 Baht per child (height less than 120cm) It is not only cheaper (by $300 Baht per adult), you also get to choose your seats way before others who purchase their tickets on the spot. Unlike broadway shows in America which have different tiers of seating prices, since there is only one flat seat price for the cabaret, would you rather get the front or back seats? You have to book 3 days in advance though.  

There are two daily shows at 8.15pm and 9.15pm 9.45pm. Go for the first one if you can, since the performers will be more energetic and lively.
You can also choose to have a ticket + dinner combination, though I did not try that so I cannot comment on the food. For $600 extra, I will think you can do a lot better if you grab your dinner first before going for the show.

Remember that after you fill in and submit the reservation form, you will see a reservation confirmation page, with a link below to a payment processor ThaiEPAY. It is a very small link and you may miss it if you did not pay attention. You have to make your payment first before you will get email confirmation on your booking (so give real email address!). No tickets to bring, just bring along the email confirmation and present it to the counter on the day. You will be given printed tickets.

Speaking of the choice of seats, here's the seating plan.

Obviously, if you have not been there before, you wouldn't know what to expect. 

The numbered circles are obviously the seats. Black dots represent tables, so each table is shared by at least 5 persons (2 on each side, and 3 behind). Unlike what the seating plan seems to depict, the rows and seats are actually very close. 

Rows A and B are near to the stage, but you get to enjoy the performance up close, without anyone blocking your view or photo taking. The bad thing though is you are likely only going to see half of the performance due the proximity to the stage, unless you choose the middle seats A 1-2 or B 1-2. Though if you are a guy and especially Caucasian, try to avoid those seats as there are certain segments where the performer will tease the person at those seats and they seem to prefer Caucasians. It is all harmless fun though so if you are open about it, then go ahead and book those seats as they are good.

From Rows G and H onwards, they are progressively elevated but also further behind. Not good if you intend to take photos and as I mentioned, there is only one flat price so try to grab the seats nearest to stage for better view.

So back to my review. Other than the addition of one or two new routines, I think there's nothing much to expect. Previously when I was there the first time, they did not allow the audience to take photos but it seems they have relaxed this rule now. So go if you have not been there before, otherwise save your money for other entertainment.

Also, expect the show to get a little raunchy as it progresses, with some "unintentional" exposure by the performers. But I must say there is less of such "boobs moment" now compared to the first time I watched the show. In fact, previously towards the end of the show, the performers will all gather on stage with the lights off, and for a flashing moment, the performers will have a "bare all' on stage. The segment has been removed though.

With that, here are some photos I took using my iPhone 4s, so the quality is not really there, but hey, you are not here to see my photos right? Go there and experience the show yourself :)

Thai ladyboy dancing to the tune of Nobody But You

Calypso Cabaret Wonder Girls performance

Calypso Cabaret Thai Ladyboys doing Chinese traditional performance

More Calypso Cabaret performance

Review Location: Calypso Cabaret
Date published: 07/26/2012
Rating: 4 / 5 stars