Why This Blog?

I like to travel, not as frequent as I would hope to, due to $... or the lack of it.

When I do travel, I try to DIY as much as possible.

Why? Money saved is one, plus I get to spend more time in places that I want to sightsee rather than be rushed around by an itinerary-packed tour group.

This was exactly what I did when I went Bangkok recently, and the lack of important info online to plan my travel caused me to have some apprehension in going ahead with some of my travel itinerary.

I am sure many others have been in similar situation and ended up giving up their DIY plans to join some local tour groups. This led me to set up this blog to provide detailed info that will really be useful for other would be DIY travelers.

Obviously I will start off with my recent Bangkok experiences. I will add on when I do get the $ to explore other places. My main aim though is to promote DIY travels that will not break your mind or bank.