Ramen Museum (Shin-Yokohama)

The Japanese really love their food, to the point where there are specialty theme museums throughout Japan.

One such specialty museum is the Ramen Museum or "Raumen Museum" (新横浜ラーメン博物館) in Shin-Yokohama which is reputed to have gathered various ramen from different regions in Japan, all under one roof!

Of course, seeing is believing, and tasting will convince you why the visit is worthwhile. 

Ramen Museum - authentic ramen all under one roof!

So if you are travelling across Japan via the JR Pass, why not make a stopover for 1-2 hr lunch? You will definitely not be disappointed.

The official English website can be found here www.raumen.co.jp/english/

While I enjoy sharing my experiences, I also suggest you do more research on the place you will be going. Please refer to the usual disclaimer.

Before I talk about the place, I will share some tips for visiting the place first:
  1. Write down the name in Japanese on a piece of paper, or just use this

    Ramen Musuem in Japanese
    Ramen Museum in Japanese

  2. The entrance fee is 300 Yen, food is separately paid at each stall

  3. Every customer is required to order one serving to sit in the stall. In fact, this is a common (if unwritten) rule in Japanese eating places

  4. Ordering food is via the vending machine outside each stall like below that will give you a piece of paper to pass to the staff. If you do not know how to use, the friendly staff at each stall will gladly assist

    Vending machine Ramen Museum
    Vending machine for ramen

  5. There are two ramen sizes. Small (600-700) Yen and Large (800-900 Yen). While the better choice seems to be Large bowl, I will recommend ordering small bowl so you can try 2-3 different flavours, especially so if you are going in a group. Take note one small bowl can be already quite filling

  6. Water is free flow, drink more because the soup can be quite salty. And also because public water dispensers are not so easily found in Japan so drink more when you have the chance

  7. While each stall has its own small sitting area, there are more seats in the central area at the basement where groups ordering from different stalls can sit together

  8. If you are bringing luggage (stopover for a quick meal), you can leave it with the store assistant who will leave it at one corner. That was what I did

And now for the directions to the Ramen Museum. I will start from the Shin-Yokohama station since it will be common starting place for most readers:

View Ramen Museum (Shin-Yokohama) in a larger map
  1. Exit the Shin-Yokohama station (Green Marker) gantry and turn left. You can ask the station staff for directions too

  2. Walk up the stairs just outside the exit, there is a big map next to the stairs where you can get your bearings

  3. You should see the below scenery, walk straight and turn right at the far end following the red arrows
    Outside Shin-Yokohama station to Ramen Museum
    Outside Shin-Yokohama station

  4. You should see a circular walkway towards the right. Continue walking straight towards the walkway

    Circular walkway to Ramen Museum
    Circular Walkway

    Circular walkway as seen from below

  5. Turn left at the circle and look out. To the left you will see the R&B Hotel. It is a prominent yellow building which you cannot miss

    R&B Hotel near Ramen Museum
    R&B Hotel

  6. When you have identified the general direction of R&B Hotel, get down from the circular walkway via the stairs or lift and walk towards R&B

  7. Turn left at the intersection in front of R&B hotel and you will see the side entrance

    Side entrance of R&B near Ramen Museum
    Side entrance of R&B Hotel

  8. Walk a little further up and turn right at the first intersection. The Ramen Museum (Yellow Marker) entrance is just on the opposite side

    Ramen Museum entrance
    Ramen Museum entrance

The entrance fee is 300 Yen per person, which you can purchase from the counter

Ramen Museum ticket
Ticket to Ramen Museum

Once you enter, there is big display board of the most popular ramen

Ramen Museum Hall of Fame
Ramen Museum Hall of Fame

There is also a museum of sorts at the back where you can find out more about the history of ramen (all in Japanese though). But the main attraction is two levels down at the basement.

Basement of Ramen Museum
Basement of Ramen Museum

You will find that the place has quite an old Japan feel. Good for a walk after gorging yourself in ramen.

Fake Japan Bath
Fake Japanese Bath

Old Japanese movie posters
Old Japanese movie posters

And so that's it for the Ramen Museum. Do plan for a trip to it and you will not regret this.