Visa Processing Fee When Visiting Phuket/Thailand

For more information regarding Visa-On-Arrival for Thailand, refer to this post

Ok it's been awhile. I have been busy and don't get many chances to go out.

So when I did get a chance to go Phuket recently, I took note of  an important piece of info to share when applying for Visa On Arrival (VOA). 

It seems like the immigration officers will demand 100 Baht for "Visa Processing Fee". This is not stated anywhere in the signboards, which only mention 1000 Baht for VOA.

This is something new which did not happen during my last visit to Bangkok. It may be applicable not just to Phuket, but other ports of arrival in Thailand, I am not sure. 

In any case, this post will tell you what to do. But first, you will need to prepare a ready copy of your flight itinerary (especially the return trip) and your place of stay in Phuket/Thailand. It can be an electronic copy saved to your mobile device. Just remember you may not have wifi when you land, so prepare beforehand.

Sir, are you sure the person in the VISA is you ?

Let's start from the moment when you arrive at Phuket International Airport. You will likely be taking a short airport bus transfer upon disembarking from your plane.

When you alight the bus and go into the arrival terminal, the Visa On Arrival facility is towards the left, just a little beyond the entrance. You shouldn't miss it.

You will need to fill in a form. Refer to my earlier post on things to look out for when applying for VOA in Thailand.

And now comes the interesting part.

When you submit the form together with your passport, the person will demand that you pay 1100 Baht. You can argue there is no mention of this extra 100 Baht anywhere, but the officers will just keep telling you this is for processing fee.

It's ok, just pay up first to let them process the VOA.

When it is done, insist that they give a receipt/invoice. They have to issue you and they will. But it is only for 1000 Baht.

At this point, insist that they issue a receipt for 1100 Baht which is what you paid. You can give all sorts of reasons (the most common and official one - for claims/reimbursement purposes). The officers will keep telling you the receipt is for 1000 Baht, just keep insisting for 1100 Baht receipt. It helps if you have a queue behind you.

After a while, they will invite you to the side where they will request to see your hotel booking and return flight booking information. In return, they will give you back the extra 100 Baht. Now you know why I asked you to get ready these.

Once the immigration officers are satisfied, you will get back your 100 Baht. You can even skip the immigration queue and proceed through the immigration counter for VOA.

Hope this helps!


  1. pls tell me, there is an ATM or exchange office in the area of Phuket aiport for VOA payment? i dont have 1000 thb cash...