Tips to sleeping or just a layover in Perth Airport

So I went to Perth for holiday on a late flight. reaching almost at midnight.

The budget conscious traveler in me did not want to take a late night cab to town just to check into a hotel room for the 5 hours to morning. I have done sleepovers in many airports and this was not going to be any different. 

Luckily, T1 is Perth's International Airport and open 24 hours, so I could sleep over for one night before catching my bus to Busselton.

If you are like me, or have some other reason for doing a sleepover in Perth Airport, then follow me as I continue my exploration of a successful night sleep in the airport!

To me, the two important things to have a good airport sleepover are wifi and powerpoints. Living in this connected world, all our gadgets basically scream for internet connection. Therefore naturally, these two things would come hand in hand, to ensure sufficient power for our internet hungry devices.

First thing I noticed when I got off the plane was the free airport wifi even before I exited the gates. Strong signal throughout Terminal 1! What a great start to the trip!

Second thing I noted was that the only convenience shop closes at 12am on the dot, so get anything you want before then.

There are two coffee joints, one on each of T1's two levels. Both offer some proper food but be prepared to pay what I would call "airport servings at airport prices".

I would suggest going to Level 2 because it is warmer than Level 1. There are seats at the cafe, as well as two wooden benches and the location is generally quieter than Level 1. So get something warm and sit out the night.

Perth International Airport Level 2

If you need power point, there's a few on the pillar in the middle of the cafe, but it would be appropriate to buy something from the cafe before using the power points. I also spotted a couple of power points near the elevator, below some advertisments beside the shop - Australian Way. There are no seats there, so floor or stand.

Power point located in a corner beside Australian Way

If you prefer to lay down, the usual airport benches are at Level 1. There should be others sleeping already but you should not have issues finding a spot. I would suggest wearing thicker clothes. Find something to plug your ears too since the overhead annoucement will sound everytime you almost drift off to sleep. Otherwise, there's always some other source of noise that would prevent you from sleeping proper. Remember to keep your belongings close to you!

For power points at Level 1: 

  • a couple near the massage chair if its not already occupied

Power point near massage chair

  • one hidden in the small corner towards the left when you exit the gates, where all the maps and brochures are. Bonus seat available there too!

Power point hidden behind brochure stand

  • one beside the Budget counter, which I saw people using after the shop closed, no seats

Power point besides car rental agency "Budget"

  • some unused power points near the ATM machines but no seats nearby

If you need to transfer to other terminals, eg to catch a local bus, you can catch the free terminal transfer bus between T1 and 3/4. Look out for these signs

Terminal station for bus transfer at Perth Airport

For the domestic Terminals 3 & 4, I found free wifi almost non existent in T4. But if you walk towards T3 in the direction of Hudsons Coffee and Dome cafe, the wifi gets stronger.
Here's a useful map illustrating what I meant


  1. Awesome! Thanks for the info - were you bothered by security at all waiting there all night? Syd's a bit strict about overnighting there.

    1. hi, except for the occasional overhead announcements, no one would bother you, in fact I saw a lot of other folks spending the night there :)