Terminal locations of Transwa and South West Coach Lines

Here's a quick post on the terminal locations of Transwa and South West Coach Lines in Australia.

Both bus companies have their terminal locations in their websites. Quick links:
South West Coach Lines


However, not all things are created equal.

In my experience, South West Coach Lines has a more tourist friendly website as terminal locations are marked in Google Maps.

For Transwa, only the major terminals have map locations. Smaller cities have more vague descriptions, e.g. a street name. This means that out of town folks like us will find it tough to know exactly where to wait for the bus.

The rest of this article is to share the locations and some tips that I have experienced with fellow readers.

Perth Airport Terminal
South West Coach Lines (T3/T4) - It is in the bus lane, or the second lane from the airport entrance. Wait for the bus around this location.

Perth Airport Terminal Stop for Airport Transfer and South West Coach Lines

Pro Tip: Purchasing your ticket from T3/T4 Domestic Terminal rather than T1 International Airport will save you a few bucks. This is even though the bus would go from T3/T4 to T1, before going towards Perth. You can take the free Airport Terminal transfer which is in the same area where you get on the South West Coach Lines buses.

The bus should look like below. If you are taking the bus to Busselton, the ticket is misleading and may seem like you need to get off at Burnbury to change to a different bus number. But in fact, the same bus will continue from Burnbury to Busselton, hence you do not need to get off.

South West Coach Lines

South West Coach Lines - The stop is outside South West Coach Lines Burnbury branch office. As mentioned earlier, if you are continuing your ride further down south, you do not need to get off the bus

Transwa - This one is challenging to locate if you have not been there before. The Transwa Burnbury Terminal is besides the railway station but is not marked in Google Maps. (*Update 17 Dec 2017* Technically it is still not marked on the map, but I have updated the marker so that if you use the map below and zoom to the ground level view, you can see the Orange Transwa Sign.) 

If you are going back to Perth, you do not need to get off. If you are going towards eastern direction like Wadpole, Denmark, Albany, you will have to get off here. Also, note that the Burnbury terminal is sort of like a central station which branches off to different locations like Busselton and Albany. So if these two places are in your itinerary, do note that you need to come back to this stop before you can move on to the other location. 

South West Coach Lines - The stop is just outside Albert Square, opposite South West Coach Lines Busselton branch office.

Transwa - Another confusing one. Transwa website will only tell you it is at Peel Terrace. Some online websites may point you to the small sheltered bus stop that is outside the Busselton Senior Citizen's Centre. Actually I found the bus waiting a little further up inside the open area at 36 Peel Terrace. (*Update 17 Dec 2017* From the timetable link in Transwa website, it looks like the stop has shifted to Albert Street. The timetable "helpfully" describes it as "Albert Street Stop", I suspect from Google Map though that the stop is the one highlighted below since it has bus to Pemberton, which is the final destination of the Transwa route.)

The bus looks like this:


Transwa - This is straightforward since the Transwa terminal is beside Albany Visitor Centre. The bus turns in to the carpark and stops outside the visitor centre.

Transwa - Stops at the Transwa terminal in East Perth

Hope the above information are useful for your planning!