Hangzhou city (杭州) to Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport (萧山机场) and Shanghai Pudong Airport (浦东机场)

Hangzhou 杭州 is a beautiful city and frequently depicted in many enchanting Chinese stories, home to many famous poets. Its most famous icon, West Lake 西湖 and its surroundings, are home to many places of historical significance. It is also home to Alibaba 阿里巴巴, the Chinese e-commerce giant.

Hangzhou's only airport is Xiaoshan International Airport 萧山机场 which serves both domestic and international travellers. It is not a big airport and both terminals are just side by side.

To reach the city, you can go by taxi or airport bus. It is a small airport so you cannot miss the long queue of taxis outside the arrival hall. Taxis rides are metered so you do not need to entertain any touts or haggling. This would be a good option if you are travelling in a big group or have a lot of luggage.

The alternative would be the airport bus. The ticket counter is at Level 1 of Domestic Airport, which is to the right and just next to the International Airport. Once you are at the Arrival Hall of the International Airport, you can either continue walking out of the airport and take a right, or take the lift up to the Departure Hall at Level 2. From there,  walk across the connecting hallway to Domestic Airport. Once there, take the lift down to Level 1. The ticket counter is a little further up. You can't miss the big display boards like below.

Xiaoshan Airport Shuttle Bus Ticket Counter

If you do not know your bearings in Hangzhou yet, the more central stop would be Wulin Square (武林门). All ticket prices are RMB 20. From Wulin Square, you can hop on to a cab to your next location.

Once you have your ticket, exit the airport and turn right to see this scene.

Boarding is at the signboard which displays "Dest:Wulin Square".

Waiting spot for airport shuttle bus
Outside Xiaoshan Airport

You just need to give your ticket to the ticketing lady who is easily recognized in red. She will tear off and return you a slip like below. Pass your big luggage to the guy at the storage compartment before you board the bus.

Airport shuttle bus - ticket

It's free seating so just pick your most comfy seat, sit back and relax for 50mins or so to Hangzhou city. The ticketing lady will also start selling hotel rooms and tour packages, if you have not made any plans. However, there are a few boutique hotel chains near Wulin Square where you can usually just walk in and get a cheap room for the night.

The drop off point will be near "Hang Zhou Xiaoshan International Airport Ticketing Office", 杭州萧山国际机场售票处, where you can get ticket for the return trip to Xiaoshan Airport. 

Bonus tip: This is also the place where you can get tickets to Shanghai Pudong Airport, 上海浦东机场, details below.

Once you spot this big red banner, the ticketing office is just two stores away.

Red banner - Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Ticketing Office

You should see one or more airport buses parked along side the road. Just get on the first bus after you purchased the ticket. Buses leave every half hour. Ticket price is RMB 20.

Xiaoshan Airport shuttle bus parked along Wulin Square
Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport shuttle bus
Close up of shuttle bus
Ticketing counter for bus to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport

For the folks going towards Shanghai Pudong Airport, you can get the tickets next door where you will see this sign board below which indicates shuttle bus departure and arrival timings. Left is from Hangzhou to Pudong Airport. Right is vice versa.

Ticketing counter for bus to Shanghai Pudong Airport