Top Things To Prepare Before That Perfect Trip

You have been dreaming of this trip since last year. Your meticulously planned itinerary is choked full of sights to see, things to do. All that's left is to go on the trip. Nothing else could wrong...


Murphy's Law Top Things to Prepare Before Trip

So says Murphy's Law, and we should respect his wise words. You never know when life might hit you with the unexpected. So it pays to be a little more prepared so that you can tilt the odds in your favour.

Pack The Luggage

Pack Bag Top Things to Prepare Before Trip
Honey, where are the travel documents?

Packing the bag doesn't sound exciting, does it?

But nothing ruins a trip more than when you discover something left behind and the panic arguments starts.

For the lazy travellers, try to start packing preparations at least a week ahead. Bring out your luggage bag and put it in an accessible corner. Whenever you think of something important for the trip, put the item in the luggage first. That way, you will not need to keep reminding yourself or keep a mental list of items, which tends to be the easiest way to forget things.

Bring That Medkit

Bring Medkit Top Things to Prepare Before Trip
Doctor, can I have some painkillers?

Falling sick overseas is quite common. Being in a new environment, the weather, the food, the flight, all these may cause you to feel under the weather. Even some minor cold or discomfort may affect the rest of the trip. But having access to medication in a foreign country may not be easy. Even if you can find a local pharmacy, the medication may not be something which you are used to back home. 

Whether you are contemplating to spare some space for your glory purchases, or just prefer to travel light, it is still advisable to pack some common medicine for minor discomfort like painkillers, flu, motion sickness. The last thing you would want is to let a headache ruin a perfect trip. 

Which brings us to the next point...

Group The Items

Group Items Top Things to Prepare Before Trip
Hmm.. now where did I keep those blue pills?

Ever tried searching for something but could not find it, only for it to pop up somewhere else later? You are not alone.

Similar item types should be grouped and put together so that you can always return to the same location. So for example, medication can be put in a small bag or container, while another bag can be for electronics related items like mobile phone chargers, travel adaptors, camera equipment.

Keeping these small items in their own bag also ensures that you will not forget to pack them on the last night of hotel stay.

Have Multiple Copies

Multiple Copies Top Things to Prepare Before Trip
...and lastly, for precaution, I have filmed our documents on tape...

Think of this scenario: After getting off the plane at your destination, you confidently pulled out your mobile phone. You had done your homework beforehand and know the airport has free Wifi services, so you did not bother to print out your hotel booking for address location. After walking around to find a spot with stronger signal, you finally connect to "Free Airport Wifi". A page greets you, asking for your mobile number to send a 4 digit password via SMS. You try entering various combinations of your country code + mobile number. But the system keeps giving you "Invalid mobile number" message. With a sinking feeling, you finally realised it can only send SMS to local numbers. 

Whether you like your documents in hard or soft copy, at least prepare another copy in the other medium. Having different copies means you are in better control when you could not access one.

In similar vein, take a photo of your identification documents like passport and driver license so that you can still proof your identity even if you accidentally lose them during the trip.

Bring Writing Materials

Writing Materials Top Things to Prepare Before Trip
I couldn't find pen and paper, so I brought grandma's writing materials

Have you asked for a pen and paper during a trip before? Sounds common enough? Since it's so common, why not bring a pen and some pieces of paper to jot down information.

Extra tip: Pack your writing materials with your travel documents and itineraries in a small file or bag that you bring around with you. You may be surprised at just how often these things are required together when the situation arises.

Spare Portable Battery

Portable Battery Top Things to Prepare Before Trip
This should be enough for our electronics... Now to make it portable...

These days, mobile phones are becoming the gadget for communications, entertainment and photography. Some even use it as a GPS navigation tool. With so many uses, it's no wonder portable batteries were invented to keep our devices running.

Have a spare portable battery charger and  you will never miss out a photo opportunity.

Bring Foldable Bags

Foldable Bags Top Things to Prepare Before Trip
"These ladies handbags are foldable so that you can bring more home"

Be it souvenirs or local food produce, more often than not, you end the trip with more things than you started. During the packing, you discover the main luggage bag that you brought is not enough to hold everything now. You start regretting not having brought along a second bag.

Why not bring an extra foldable bag? Such bags do not take a lot of space, and helps ladies to increase your carrying capacity for last minute purchases.

Extra tip: Pack your clothes into the foldable bags as carry-on baggage, and you will have more space in your check in baggage for your fragile purchases.   

Translate Those Names

Translate Names Top Things to Prepare Before Trip
Can you help to translate this?

Excited about going to an exotic place? Don't let language be a barrier. Finding someone who speaks your language may not be easy. Avoid playing charades overseas, write down the names of those places you intend to visit on a piece of paper, find their native equivalent names. Or bring along a guide book for the lazy.


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